Angelic Rhyming Clairvoyant, Finnish Runic Seer ( Currently in Auckland, New Zealand)


Seeking Results? Satisfaction? Success?

What can a Spiritual Intuitive Poet do for You?

  • Discover new ways for faster and more effective results
  • Get help navigating direction for sucess in all areas of your life
  • In Transition? - Resolve crisis, Career Changes, and/or Losses in life
  • Need to Achieve Excellence? - Retain momentum, expand your intuition, and develop strategies to improve your business and personal life

Telephone Readings
The fee for a 45-minute telephone consultation is $100.00 (NZD).

No refunds. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment you may either re-schedule with Linda within one year.

Personalized Angelic Poetry also available (email for details):
One-of-a- Kind Sonnets for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Spiritual Direction & more!

What Are Clairvoyant Readings?

Clairvoyance is clear seeing. For most of us, it is tough to see for ourself. A clairvoyant helps you to understand past and present circumstances. Linda Sonnett Carlson helps you by bringing your awareness to emotional blockages, and/or unproductive belief systems which are getting in your lifes way. Your spirit naturally heals your stress as gentle angelic rhyming sonnets open your heart, helps your mind to become open to new ideas and change, as well as showing you how to create a shift in your life through understanding of your current circumstances. This can be a very uplifting experience. Clairvoyant/Angelic Insights rhymes/readings can bring clarity to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual questions.

A Finnish–American Rhyming Mystical Poet 
Linda is uncommon in every way

Helping you with insightful encouragement - through original sonnets; rare this day,

Linda Sonnett's gifts - connect you with your Angelic Higher Self who empowers you,
To find your own answers – and find your lifes track too

There are lots of ways to receive the beautiful gifts life has waiting for you,

Call Today - to Find your way....

Angelic Readings & Rates

Available through email and Telephone Consultations.

For entertainment purposes only.

Personalized Angelic Poems

With Love and Guidance from the Angels,
you can receive your own private Angelic Guidance through a Poem today…

In a rare, unique, beyond old fashioned - ancient and mystical kind of way,

In touch with a host of Angels - from Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and more, Linda Sonnett is in contact with them And Your, Guardian Angels..,

whose messages flood through her rhyming door.

Lyrical and soothing - these are rhyming sonnets who,

Lift sadness, frustration, and/or anger, from those who lost a loved one, job, relationship - or don’t know what next to do....

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