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Q: What's a Finnish Seer?

A: Spiritual Intuitive

Finns have been known for having Sisu (grit), stamina, and spiritual strength. They stand up for the underdog; believe in Truth; and bring LIGHT to the darkness, and they are, a "little different."

My lineage goes back to the beginning of Finnish history. I’m American born and both of my parents are Finnish; which makes me Finnish – American. In our household and community we spoke fluent Finnish, kept Finnish ways, and lived Finnish-Lutheran values. My maternal Ammi (grandmother) was an effective well known midwife and herbalist, along with having mystical gifts. A couple of her daughters inherited some psychic abilities as well including with my mother – but no one wanted to acknowledge or talk about them. I am one of many grandchildren, but the only one with rhyming spiritual gifts. My rhyming ability is automatic in a natural rhythmic flow. I later learned that like the Spiritual Seers of ancient Finland, no one else in our family rhymed, except me.

What People Are Saying


Diwali Edition 2014 – Indiannewslink – Auckland, New Zealand

The largest circulated Indian newspaper of New Zealand.

Article: JyotishDidi Predicts thorugh Shakespearian Sonnets

“The couplets spill out of her mouth at a dizzying rate in perfect 14-line meter.” - Kathleen Roberts, Courier News

Over 400 Guest TV and Radio Appearances including;


ABC’s - The Other Side

Canadian TV's Sensation - Jane Hawtin Live


Danny Bonaducci, Coast to Coast, Bob Hieronymus, BBC Cornwall, (England), and 4 yrs on her weekly/one hour CA program, and more.


Linda has appeared at the Learning Annex, NY, & LA., Toronto, and across the US, Canada and Europe. She continues to do talks in the U.S. and India as well as teaches classes on inution, angel trivia, and spirituality.

“I spent an extra twenty minutes at the studio after you were on the air, because of all the phone calls we were getting! We have got to have you back right away!” - Sheila Hairston, Say It Loud! Boston Radio

“Our numbers are always up when you are on! You are a great (helpful) guest. That’s why we asked you to be on every week!” - Danny P., The Madhouse. Hot 105, Merced, CA

Rhyming Roots

I met three professional women from Finland several years after my cancers. They were exhibitors for a prominent Helsinki book publisher at the Frankfurt Germany International Book Fair, who showed no surprise when I told them I had written a book about my rhyming clairvoyant abilities. In fact, they told me that hundreds of years ago, for centuries, certain people (the seers and shamans) had rhyming clairvoyant ability.

“Oh we have heard about people like you,” one woman nonchalantly stated. “You aren’t crazy; you are blessed to be one of the special Finns.” Smiling and patting my arm like I was a child who had just discovered the earth was round. This woman further explained that very few Finnish people today in Finland have this unique rhyming ability to share their clairvoyant gifts. “I haven’t heard of anyone like you lately. Use your gifts wisely.” She then nodded, turned, and they went on their way. I had no idea other Finnish Spiritual Intuitives have existed throughout the millenniums. I felt so relieved since my gifts did not appear in the same fashion as they did for everyone I knew. I am a modern day spiritual intuitive.

Personal, Confidential, and Caring Consultations

Always I will Help You Discover Your Greatest Good
Not tell you what you Should, Do...
Your'e the leader of your band - Angelic Rhymes just give you a hand.

Personal Consultations - Your Privacy Protected

Once we have talked and I've rhymed - I will remember nothing that's come through time after time. Therefore recorded readings are available. Remember, you must be 18 yrs old to have a reading, and readings are for entertainment purposes only. If you need legal advice, see a lawyer, if you need medical advice - see your doctor.


Ancient Finns were acknowledged to have great power, with a religion that was enchanting; the Kalevala is the key to unveil their mystery. (This epic poem is still considered the Spirit of Finland.)If you are interested in knowing more about Finnish Shamans, please read the Kalevala and cross the threshold into the world of ancient Finnish mythology.” Visit For general information on Finland please visit: .

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